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Hospital information system "SiMed-Clinic"

Hospital Information System for small clinics and multidisciplinary medical centers.

SiMed-Clinic - a software for medical organizations that allows you to maximize your work in the provision of medical services in an outpatient setting. The product provides automation of business processes with the consultative admission of specialists, the provision of diagnostic services, during professional examinations and medical commissions.

Medical information system SiMed-Clinic can operate both in the registry of small clinics and provide comprehensive automation multidisciplinary medical centers, including those having a network of branches. The SiMed-Clinic is built according to the classic client-server architecture, with the database server located in the corporate network of the organization, which provides complete control over the personal data of patients. User applications are distinguished by simplicity, convenience and quick response of the interface; workstations are flexibly configured to meet the requirements of users from combination of individual modules. The product supports operation in Remote Desktop mode for large medical centers and branches.

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